Hello all,

It has been a while since either of us have posted anything on whydidntwefly.com or any of the social media outlet for that matter.  (Sorry 7 people of Twitter!) Since returning back to the UK over a month ago our day to day lives have been filled with mainly administration and socialising but predominately bloody admin!

Over the last month, we have toured the UK, slept in the same bed for longer than 2 nights, deep cleaned the truck which is now in the process of shipping back to Australia (should be back mid-December), Robyn started a new job, Tristan has become a houseboy where he mostly cleans, tidies & cooks. He also sorted through all our personal belongings which have been sneakily stored in his mother’s attic for 2 1/2 years, why anyone would keep 4x umbrellas and 3x hair dryers in storage for this time is beyond reason. Who needs 3x hair dryers?!

We also moved to a new flat in North London, attended a wedding, a funeral and plenty of welcome home parties and general catching up with friends. The last month has flown by!

Things have just about settled, still no ETA on trying to migrate our Apple accounts from Australia to the UK, the difficulty is comparable with applying for a Chinese visa that’s written in Chinese. Stupid Apple!

As we are all set up now, the flat is unpacked we can now concentrate on writing the final blogs, updating our google map to match our actual route, shove some pictures of us looking gradually more bloated as the time passes on our trip and trying to achieve this without bingeing on Netflix and Xbox!

Wish us luck!