Paraphernalia and Essentials

A journey of this magnitude requires preparation and lots of little bits and pieces. Some of are obvious, other items, a must and the odd thing a little strange. Most items require a justification to take or leave, with every single addition we lose space and add weight to the truck, we want to be comfortable and prepared knowing we also have to be realistic.


Primus 2x Burner Stove Gasmate 4kg LPG Camping Cylinder Colander Pots and pan’s Dutch Oven Tongs Spatula Large Stirring Spoon Cutlery Set Aeropress coffee maker Plastic cups Plastic plates & bowls Sharp Knife Washing bowl Tea Towel Washing-Up Liquid Ziplock Bags Tin Foil Cloths Sponges Grill Cleaner Tin Opener Bottle Opener Grater Bag Sealing Clips Oven Glove Food Containers/Tupperware


Washing Powder Wet wipes Toilet Paper Sun-cream Moisturiser Shampoo/Conditioner/shower gel Nail clippers Alcohol hand sanitiser Beer


Printed list of Medical equipment Elastoplast/Waterproof Plasters Sterile wound dressings Elastic bandage/crepe bandage Triangular bandage Wound Closure Strips (Steri-strips) Medical tape Safety pins Sterile Syringes Alcohol Wipes Saline Eye/Wound wash Disposable gloves (pairs) Scissors Tweezers Antihistamine Analgesia Throat lozengers Laxatives/anti-diarrhoea tablets Rehydration Sachets Antacids Antiseptic Doxycycline Ciprofloxacin


Canon XTi 400D Olympus Waterproof TG-4 SDHC Memory cards Mini tripod 80GB iPod 2x 32Gb iPhone 5S Nokia 3210 TomTom Go 510 (2015) with world maps + 16Gb Mico SD Laptop Spare cables handheld 80 channel CB radio Shaver Inverter


High viability jackets Triangle Fire extinguishers Spotlights ARB Air compressor Sand tracks Fuel siphon Puncture repair kit Spare oil filters Winch mount points Shovel Spare bulbs 32" LED Philips Light Bar Gloves Car jack Wood block Recovery Kit Spare gauge pipe Air filter Lug wrench Jump leads


Flat & Philips Head Screwdrivers Crow bar Crimping Pliers Rubber gloves Axe Hammer Adjustable spanner Pliers Socket set Ratcheting/open ended Spanner Set Multimeter Vice grips Tork Wrench Multi-tool Magnetic Tray Rubber Mallet Blue roll


Australia cork hat Baseball caps Maps Writing book Pens Cigarettes - bribes Toy Koala's - gifts Guide books Sunglasses Sweeties