We have just under a week before Robyn’s brother Steve joins us in Budapest. After dropping off Felicity we found a Hostel in town that was home to 3 very young kittens while being heavily distracted by the kittens we somehow managed to plan our next week.

The following morning set off for Bulgaria, after all, it’s just down the road so why not just drop in. We crossed the border and headed towards Belogardchik rocks on the way we found a campsite attached to a restaurant on the side of the road and pull in.

It was a family-owned restaurant with a hotel on top and the yard had space for camping with basic amenities. It also appeared to be a small farm with turkeys, chickens, pigs and cats. In fact, many cats that were not shy at all and made themselves at home. The first evening whilst cooking our chicken in the stove we became overrun by 7 cats and after 12 months of travel with Tristan playing with every cat he has seen we had our first cat induced injury, it was Robyn who was caught in the crossfire of 2 cats fighting over our food and attention. Tristan getting himself in trouble from laughing so much at Robyn thought it would be best to move away for his own safety only to be followed across the campsite by all the cats.

We left this campsite and moved onto the Belogradchik rocks which are a natural rock formation that has been turned into a fort. Quite spectacular scenery with some very nice walks, however, don’t trust Bulgarian walking maps they are almost as bad as the Mongolian road system and one small turn could cause you to become very lost. That evening we spent the night in Vidin a small Bulgarian town on the border of Romania and Serbia. One night we felt a little unsure about leaving OHNO in a parking lot of the hotel, luckily like the rest of Bulgaria their cats there to protect him.

Back into Romania, we camped for a couple of nights to catch up on washing and admin before the arrival of Steve, Robyn’s brother.