49,048KM, 340 days and 28 countries later we have compleated our overlanding journey from Australia to the UK in our beloved Landcruiser. Hooray!

The past couple of weeks we have been a bit of a blur, after finally getting over the Oktoberfest hangover and making the eventual push to the Calais/Dover we arrived in the UK on the 22nd September.

We toured the sights of central London, swung by our old places of work, caught up with a few old faces at an old watering hole and then pushed up the North of England.

The gravity of our trip is starting to sink in, looking at a map just reinforces this. Trying to condense exactly what we did into a light sentence and explain this to people has thrown up its own challenges (mostly remembering where we’ve been!) we have the script almost down to an automated response now.

A couple of days of home cooking and essentially a lazy day in bed watching TV series on Netflix started to set the precedent of what could have quite happily turned into a week or even a month of lethargic sloth-like existence.  We could definitely feel the post-travelling crash coming along, mixed emotions of achievement, success, relief and a slight disappointment that it was over.

We drove ourselves to focus on the next job in hand, unpacking and maliciously sterilising the Landcruiser. For a variety of reasons, we are shipping OHNO back to Australia which requires it to pass strict quarantine laws imposed by the Australia Customs. (Thanks guys!)

Australia has some of the toughest regulations to prevent the contamination of foreign items influencing their homeland, our truck was beyond dirty, we found plants growing the roof gutters and enough compressed Mongolia sand to make a small sand pit in the rear bumper.

3 days of de-greasing, scrubbing, polishing and pressure washing (my new toy) the truck revitalized its appearance & by removing the rooftop tent and all the crap in the back meant the truck raised by 7cm in height.

Next week we drive the final bit of the UK to the docks in the South of England where OHNO is getting loaded into a can and then ships back to Australia in time for Christmas.

It’s going to be emotional to see him go, it was a little sad pulling off all the stickers and condensing our lives (yet again) into little boxes and putting them into storage.

It’s been a good trip, we still have a load more content to upload, a few blogs from Russia to the UK, a couple of summaries and experiences we want to share separately + pictures and maybe a video or two!